Monday, April 23, 2012

i have fished a couple times last week and i have had some great luck on the water, i am also trying to get some good photos of my rods but my photography skills arent up to snuff yet and you will see that the macro on my camera is bad, i tried taking a pic of a blue quill and i just couldnt get it right.  the first pic here is from last year on a small brookie stream with my first rod, and the second is a pic of an 8'0" dickerson taper that i have been using a ton this year and loving it for nymphing and throwing dries.  I take very few pics of beached fish adn when i do it is very quick, i lay the fish down quickly and if i cant snap a good pic rt away, then oh well the fish is back in the water.  Over the next few weeks i am going to try and get good pics of fish, flies and rods. good luck to you on the water

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