Monday, April 30, 2012

fished oil yesterday, it was windy but we managed to fish dries all afternoon,  the wind seemed to put them down for a minute and as soon as it calmed a little bit they would rise again.  All that seemed to be on the water were caddis, some with light olive bodies other with tan. 
the pic below is of my wife from last sunday

Monday, April 23, 2012

i have fished a couple times last week and i have had some great luck on the water, i am also trying to get some good photos of my rods but my photography skills arent up to snuff yet and you will see that the macro on my camera is bad, i tried taking a pic of a blue quill and i just couldnt get it right.  the first pic here is from last year on a small brookie stream with my first rod, and the second is a pic of an 8'0" dickerson taper that i have been using a ton this year and loving it for nymphing and throwing dries.  I take very few pics of beached fish adn when i do it is very quick, i lay the fish down quickly and if i cant snap a good pic rt away, then oh well the fish is back in the water.  Over the next few weeks i am going to try and get good pics of fish, flies and rods. good luck to you on the water

Thursday, April 19, 2012

trout opener

sat was the official start of trout season, for my family this means another year on the same bank that we have been fishing opening day for last 30+ years.  The weather was wet and chilly and the stream was packed.  We still had a great time. I made a bamboo spinning rod for my dad and got to watch him catch a good number of fish.
I spent a couple hours on some local streams on sunday with my wife and watched her sight nymph a gorgeous brown.  She was so excited, when she finally hooked the fish she just started to yell for me to help her.  She did however gain composure and did an excellent job landing it but does need some work on her posing for photos which i will post later.
I fished yesterday and had one of those days of nymphing when you can almost just drop your flys in the water and hook a fish.  It was a ball and then the evening brought a couple hours good dry fly fishing.  i love central pa.   My buddy is pretty new to the dry fly scene so it is fun to watch him improve and get to catch a fair number of fish, i escpecially enjoy watching him do it on a rod that i built.  He then gave us nice laugh towards dark when he had a slow motion fall which soaked him up to his neck, i couldnt laugh right away because he left out a gasp for air that scared me but when he said he was ok we both had a good laugh and he kept fishing til he got to cold.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

get to the streams

i just fished on tues. and all i can say is get to the streams.  It was forecasted to be cold and maybe a little wet, we were expecting to nymph most of the day.  To our suprise after lunch we had some pretty good top water action.  I strongly urge you to get to the streams asap.