Tuesday, May 22, 2012

alot has happened since last post.  I delivered the money to children's hospital last monday and the donation was greatly appreciated.  It is amazing to see what they do for the childrens whole experience at the hospital, not only are they first rate for child care but the attention and time that they put into each detail of their new building is incredilble.  Again thanks to everyone who supported the raffle.

I also fished a few streams on a couple of weeknights to catch a some sulphur action and it has been good.  this past weekend was our annual cast and blast near tionesta.  During the first morning i got one bird to answer for a half hour or so but he never showed himself,  then i hit a couple brookie streams around lunch and caught a brookie that is in my top 5 prettiest fish(i will post pics later, also a gorgeous waterfall).  For the evening i hit tionesta creek and witnessed a heavy brown drake hatch, lots of bugs but few fish working them.  I worked a palomino for quite a while, he was swimming a fifty foot lap and rising occasionally, i managed to get him to eat twice but never hooked him.  I know some people think of them as garbage fish, but i dont, i enjoy trying to catch them, especially when they are pushing 24", being able to see the fish so easy can be a fun change every so often.  The next morning i had fun with a hen that came  into 15' and then hung out with me for the next two hours, we called back and forth and couldnt get a bird to answer.  I also found some tracks and scat of a bear that I must have jumped because the tracks were fresh and running down over the hill. 

the past two days have been a great change in the turkey woods with birds absolutely hammering,  i called in a few birds both days and managed to completely miss a huge long beard at 15yards(unbelievable) I was in shock when he ran away.  He was shoulder to shoulder with another long beard and i think i was afraid of killing two so i think i shot high and to the left.  Oh well, at least i didnt injure him, and i will be back at it tomorrow

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This past Friday was the end of the rod raffle.  Thanks to everyone who supported the raffle we were able to raise $1,055.00 that was donated to the Children's Hospital Foundation.  The winning daily lottery number ticket was not sold, so i picked a stub from a hat for the winner of the rod.  He was very excited to have won the rod, he is new to the sport so i would just like to wish him luck in learning this wonderful sport.  Thanks again to everyone who supported the raffle.