Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i fished a few days last week, started in south central pa on tuesday and was suprised to see a parking lot full of 9 trucks.  my buddy and i found a long stretch of water with no one around despite the crowd, i started with nymphs and he started with dries and we both had some luck, nothing to crazy tho, and then he worked nymphs into the riffles and i switched to dry(black stones).  with a few players rising occasionally i crept slowly thru the water adn after pinning one of the risers, a young dude came flying through the water adn parked himself 20ft above me and started chucking streamers.  i was pissed to say the least, he actually made a cast directly at me and landed his streamer within 5ft of me.  I really should have said something to him, but i decided to walk off all pissed off.  We left that stream and headed to a stream we often frequent, and the water looked great adn the nymphing was good.

wed.and thurs. i fished a few local stocked streams which both had very low flows and i actually comfortably wet waded in both, pretty wild for mid march.

saturday i fished out near state college, it was begining to look like a big mistake because most of the streams were rapidly rising, however around 3 we were walking to the car to go and grab a coffee when we spotted a riser.  I said "hold on a minute, i am gonna catch that fish in two casts, let me tie on a dry adn i will even keep the float on my leader".  what a mistake that was to say. the fish must of heard me because not only could i not hook him but in the next four hours of risers, i only pinned one fish, my buddies were hooking fish left and right while i was watching fish in front of me actually drift 4to 5 ft with my fly before denying it.  i actually had one fish blow my fly off the water.  my buddy gave me a fly to use that was working for him, and when he did this he could no longer get a strike on that fly.  Lesson of the day, be careful not to get to cocky, mother nature can knock you down at any time.

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